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-A personalized Thank you message during stream 

-Access to picture gallery for doodles/line art, works in progress                                                 

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Previous benefits Plus: 

-Polls to determine which WIP art I should finish next/what my next drawings should be 

-Access to discord server whilst streaming games 

-Early access to photo gallery for completed commissions or detailed works


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Previous benefits Plus: 

-Requests for which free to play game I should stream next 

-Special thank you note with chibi or icon request attached

-Weekly polls for champ selection in games like League of Legends* available 




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Most people call me Elliet or Ellie for short. You're also free to call me Vulcan if that floats your boat.

I'm an amateur artist and twitch streamer with a focus on digital/traditional art and free to play games mostly in the rhythm, horror, indie and rpg genre. I'm new to the scene but incredibly excited to be making content for others to enjoy! If you are interested, becoming a patron may help me to stay afloat and we may even become close friends! 

                            MORE INFO ON ART/STREAMING: 
  1. *As fair warning to patrons, I do not draw furry/anthro (because I don't have enough confidence in that art style), under age or age gap ships or NSFW (thinking of changing that later on for a future higher tier) 
  2. All games I play are free to play as I am poor, usually platformer or "obscure". Patrons will have a choice (depending on tier) of what game they'd like me to play next once a week. I can not guarantee I will be perfect at them :p 
  3. Starting off, I don't have enough money for camera equipment just yet, for face to face whilst streaming. As time goes on, I hope to work towards that goal for better streams, though for now, consider becoming a patron to chat with me on mic and watch some games or drawings! 
  4. For any more questions on rewards or rules, please contact me at my email @[email protected] 

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With your help of reaching at least $100 per month, proceeds will go toward dental procedures for my boyfriend who currently who is in need of getting an infected tooth treated desperately. 
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