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About Reynard and Jax

Hey everybody! We are Reynard and Jax, and we're here to show you how to cook awesome food and mix awesome drinks in a relaxed albeit possibly innuendo-filled and quite silly environment!

For Everybody:
In the show you'll see us make the food that our fans want to see (that's to say our Patreon supporters). We will also accompany every show with a mixed drink of some kind (often for dessert since most mixed drinks are very sweet). We of course ask that you only participate in the drinking if you're of legal drinking age. We will release a full episode once a month on our YouTube account for all to see!

For You, Our Patreon Supporters:
Every week (when we don't post a show) we'll be making a short video to answer people's questions! This can include how to de-bone chicken, how to sharpen a knife, why Jax's ear is bandaged up, whatever you guys ask! Every once in a while the video may also be released to the general public if we're clarifying something on a previous video, like why you should butterfly chicken before frying it rather than after, or whatever people may ask on YouTube. But Patreon questions will always take precedence.

About Us:
Reynard is a Red Fox with a degree in Culinary Arts. He will be showing you how to make delicious food and drink.
Jax is a Falarin Fox (you'll have to ask him what that means) with a heart of gold and knack for getting into trouble. He will also be showing you how to make delicious food and drink.

Why We Need You:
Food isn't cheap. In addition to the foods required to film an episode, we need ingredients to experiment with in order to improve upon classic dishes and bring you the best we possibly can. In addition, we need to upkeep equipment as well as upgrade from time to time. Then there are bills. Bills suck, and we need to pay them just like everyone else. Between cooktops, cooling, lighting, cameras, action, it all adds up to an inflated gas and electrical bill. And lastly, we need ideas. We can make the food we wanna eat all day and night but that doesn't help you guys if you wanna learn something else. We need your input to make the show what YOU wanna see. Let us know what you've always wanted to learn to make and we'll do what we can to make sure you learn it!

Current Plans, Dreams, and Hopes:
We're in production. We are releasing monthly episodes since February 1st, 2018. Every week we post videos answering your questions to us! They may include advanced tweaks for recipes, clarifications, techniques, whatever you ask! In the future, if we get enough support, we may do videos more often. As our income increases our production value will with it, be it better food, video quality, or frequency, we'll make sure the show is what you all want to see.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you on our list of Patreon Supporters sometime soon!
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This is our comfortable break-even point. It'll allow us to buy ingredients for testing, experimenting, and practicing. It'll also pay for drinks to be able to make different things every month. This also includes the increase in gas and power bills which we will be paying the homeowner because the show definitely doesn't keep our bills low.
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