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Hey, your helping me continue what I love to do (and fill my belleh). You get sent the games I got on this Tier List. And hey, with more patreons, even on the First tier, i am able to increase the amount i can give to the lower tiers!
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Wew! this is helping out even more o.o, and like the other Tier, your able to obtain the games on the list. 
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Honestly, words cant express how grateful I am for your support... (that might be why you now have a shot at the Top Tier Games. I'm bad with words XP)
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Hello, sup and hi (in that order). the name is Vuster, and I think I would like to jump deep into this rabbit hole. as expected I have a love for games that could be considered near fetishistic (no kink shaming!) and i would like to make this passion grow into something even more with the support from you sexy peeps.

At the moment I will not dare pressure anyone into pledging into this project until I have done more content, but I feel that you viewers should get a little something out of it as a thank you. That will be a bit more viewed on the reward page, but right now, I hope my buggery will be enough to entertain you all. Lets all have a bit of a Joke about Joysticks together.
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I didn't really think of any goals at the time but I think I will do some big time adjusting to the tier rewards for you peeps o:
there is no specification but for Now:

Upgrading Tier's for specific games
[Dark Souls III Can be obtained by Tier 1]
[Shadow Of War can be obtained by Tier 2] 
That sort of thing.
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