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"Are you a wizzard?"

"No. I`m not."

"Are you sure?"


My name is W0lllle, 27 years old, germany. Everyone comes once at the point in his life where he asks himself , " What have I achieved ? Where are we headed ? And is this really the right way? " I have just arrived at this point. After now already more than 7 years in a job without supervision to improve , it is time to bring about a change for me, and perhaps to be able to realize my dream one day.

I ve found out about Twitch and started streaming. From the beginning I was overwhelmed by the great people and the support that I received. For months , I already stream now , an idea began to grow and establish itself. Could it really be possible to realize my dream ? To bring joy to the people and maybe to myself as well ? I ve want to stop wasting my time and try to do something creative and productive.

The Dream
The gaming has always been my passion . And sharing my pleasure with you by Twitch has become a big part of my life. Many people have made their passion into a profession and that`s what Im also aiming for. I know that's a huge goal and it will not be easy. I am aware that this brings with it some privations. But I am sure that together we can achieve great things. But I am willing to do everything possible to realize this dream one day with your help :)

What I do
Currently Im doing Final Fantasy Speedruns (7+8+9+RE) with the aim to get close to the world record times. I am also streaming(german & english) Horror-Games and a couple of casual games. But I would like to do so much more...

What do I want to do?
The focus will definitely continue to be on speedruns .There are many games that I would like to speedrun but I just do not have the time yet. Final Fantasy 7,8,9,10 . The goal will still be to reach top positions on the leaderboards and to have hellish fun at it. But not only that.Horror-Games + FaceCam will be a main part of my streams. Many J-RPGs (f.ex. Nino Kuni) and other games needs to be discovered. I got plans for things like gaming talk shows, trash-game streams, challenge-streams, 24 hour streams, multiplayer-streams,call-in streams and so on.....
The list of ideas is long. We only need to realize together :)

The Plan
It is up to you. The decision about my future and the future of all that I have enumerated. If you believe in me and my dream, I am willing to risk much . First, I 'll go ahead as usual and try as much as possible to stream and to entertain you best . When Milestone " It really s happening ! " is reached. I'll just have to go part-time work to be able to maintain a fixed schedule of my streams. Namely six days a week :) W0lllleWizard. If we really achieve even more - I would be ready to go the last step ... But that's a far distant dream.

Do you want to become a fulltime-streamer?
True answer ? = Yes

Is it realistic?
I really dont know.

Tell me something funny
"AaaaaAAAaaaahhhh Dr. Tom! STOP IT ! AAAaaaaaaaAAAhhh....!"

Anything else?
Yes. No matter what will happen with this here, I would like to thank YOU. Without your support I am nothing. The dream would just be a dream and the hope would be gone. YOU are the real hero. If you decide to support me, I 'll be forever grateful. Because you are not only supporting me. You are actually supporting everyone who tries to realize his dreams.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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