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My Undying Thanks
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I cannot offer much in terms of material thanks I can offer my undying gratatude for allowing me to undertake this journey with you.
Snarky Regnal Name
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Your name is read on the show and you are inducted into the aristocratic orders of W2W. You can pick your noble epithet, and if you do not one will be chosen for you. By me. For the amusement of myself and others. 
Swag: Convention Edition
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In return for a generous donation of $5.00 per month, I will mail you the types of swag you would get for free at a comic book convention: stickers, post cards, all with exciting W2W branding! Be sure to let me know your address. If you live outside the USA we might need to discuss shipping. 




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About Benjamin Jacobs

This is the Patreon page for my podcast, Wittenberg to Westphalia: The Wars of the Reformation. We are a podcast telling the story of the wars of religion during the reformation, or rather trying to, we're still setting the ground work of the middle ages but I promise it's all good and I really recommend you check out the show even if the middle ages aren't exactly your thing.  But, in order to keep the show running I need your help to make the podcast possible no matter what you can donate, be it $1 or $100 all is appreciated and we will work day and night to make the show as amazing as possible.
$230 of $400 per month
At $400 an episode I will be able to fully update the stuff on the website I have been trying to update forever. So, maps on all the walking tour episodes, a fully updated bibliography for the show. In all honesty I am trying to do this anyway but with this money I would be able to make it happen fairly quickly. 
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