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About Chris "WARHURYEAH" Parker

Okay, I was going to do a video type thing but I tried it and it felt really, really awkward. If I find a way of doing a non awkward patreon video in the future then I shall do it. 

Anyway, let me quicky give you a story on why I am deciding to do this...

So basically, I was looking around for a new mouse to buy, my trusty Zowie AM was on its last legs and there was only so much time I could use it as an excuse for me throwing CSGO and TF2 games. 

Much like how I find out about various PC parts using the YouTubes I started to do the same for some PC mice, specifically the Logitech G303, I went through a few videos and was just getting no real information that I needed from the reviews, most of them were just feature listing, their testing methods were shocking (testing performance in BF4 and Dying Light) and a few weren't really giving a solid opinion, like they were reluctant to give any real criticism to the mouse in general.

From further digging in relation to keyboards, headsets etc. this was a recurring theme for many, many channels, there obviously are loads of good ones that are catering to a more casual environment but there seemed to be very little that would go a bit deeper and actually help yourself make a decision on a purchase.

What I aim to do with my reviews is to give a more informative and entertaining video that is targeted for competitive gamers. I have years of experience in competitive games ranging from CS 1.6/Source/Global Offensive, TF2, Day of Defeat, Quake, Reflex etc. I am an insane keyboard fanatic, follow e-sports more than I think is actually healthy and really have a strong unrelenting enthusiasm with anything that involves my cat. 

Some FAQ's

What am I going to do with your $$$?

Quite simply the majority of the money will go towards the cost of peripherals, naturally some will range from £30 - £150, obviously I will be trying to make this as cost efficient as possible.

I'd also be heavily investing in improving the quality of said reviews, at the moment I have a good camera, but a somewhat mediocre and difficult recording and sound set up, so this would contribute to that cause as well.

All extra funds will be dependant on where I want to take this adventure, depending on how much this generates I have a various amount of options I'd want to explore, but that the moment in time, this is mainly to just soften the financial hit that I suffer from buying the gear myself. 

Why do you need our money your nerd?

Nice question, friend. At the moment I've had to drop my hours to part time due to a unfortunate anxiety/stress/depression issue. From around a year ago I was off work for 2 months due to this, there were points when I couldn't even go to the toilet as I was in such a shit state. I'm seeing a therapist and getting better but it was recommended that I drop my hours to help relieve some of the work related stresses. This means I have less $$$ which is why I am asking for some assistance.

Update: I'm unemployed now :(

Why don't you approach the companies to give you review samples?

This was something I was considering to pursue first. However, the downsides of this is that from the various research that I've been doing it can make things a bit more difficult, there will be some companies that will stop sending gear if I give them negative reviews (this is obviously assuming they give a shit in the first place), it also makes me feel uncomfortable depending on manufacturers directly and I feel better knowing that I am doing this to serve people that are somewhat giving me money to do it. It would soften the financial hit from me buying my own products but I feel I'd try to be to safe so then I wouldn't upset anyone and burn bridges.

If you are thinking of supporting me I would be incredibly thankful for your hard earned dollar dollar bills. I will not let you down.

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There is no reward really, if you donate at least $2 per month I'd love you forever and ever. Everything goes to improving the quality of my videos, as well as purchasing the peripherals needed to actually review! 

And I'd give you a massive hug if we meet irl life.

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