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About Josh J.

ITBeginsAgain is a YouTube Channel that makes wrestling botch videos, known as 'Wrestling Dumb Shitz'. (No I'm not calling the wrestlers dumb) It's Just a parody show about when wrestlers mess up a move or cringe promos, interviews etc..Known as botches. I have an odd editing style and love to do this as a hobby. The time I put into making videos are painfully long but fans love it, so I'll keep making them. I plan to make some pretty good rewards for supporting.

Why should I pledge to Wrestling Dumb Shitz on Patreon?
WDS has grown a lot since I made my first episode in 2017, but there was only so much I could do on my own. With the help of our generous fans (DumbShitz Mafia) on Patreon, I can take more time to edit better and longer content. Since then I made a website, created another series and more. With your help, I can hire people to help manage my website and help me find botches to edit.

'What's in it for me?'
From Patron-exclusive Videos to shout-outs to Wrestling Unfiltered Moments videos and everything that comes in between! You’ll even be able to join my 'WrestleCrate' monthly giveaways that I get. Also get  credited in an episode of Wrestling Dumb Shitz for being a Patron.

Note: This isn't for me to make WDS videos. I do this for fun, but basically it's to help me post more content that you guys enjoy.