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The Wayfaring Who?

My name is Ian Hipschman. I’m currently 19 years old, and am a sophomore at Stevens Institute of Technology studying engineering. In the spring of 2014, as a senior in high school, I had an idea; and with it, came a dream. I’d always been into gaming, and had recently learned about IGN, specifically Podcast Beyond. Through that, I decided to start my own website, in the hopes to one day get hired at IGN. At that time, my site had no direction; I wanted to do reviews, previews, and share my opinions on the industry. 

That all changed when I took a trip to Portland, Oregon, after I graduated high school. Knowing Steve Gaynor’s studio was located in Portland, I sent him an email through his site, asking if I could have a tour. I sent the email knowing full well I’d probably not get a reply. Alas, Steve got back to me within 48 hours, told me he’d love to have me, and welcomed me with open arms at his studio. Steve’s open door opened a plethora of doors for me, and my conversation with him that day helped define and shape what my website would become. I am forever thankful.

He told me to identify an area in the industry that I thought was lacking. I immediately knew the answer: long form interviews. I saw that sites like IGN, GameSpot, Polygon and Game Informer only occasionally had interviews – and so I decided to dedicate my site to interviews. No reviews. No news. No opinion. Just interviews.

When I first started, the interviews I posted were simply question and answer. I thought people liked that. Turns out they didn’t. A colleague, Mitch Dyer, from IGN, told me I needed to evolve, to start writing long form pieces. I did, and it worked. At first, I didn’t know what I was doing. But after spending hours researching, even more hours writing and discarding drafts, I found a formula. This culminated with my piece centering on Storytelling in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, which can be found HERE. If you want to see more pieces like that, touching upon a wider variety of industries and audiences, this is the place for you.

I have many opinions on many things in many industries, and I would like to share those opinions. However, there are no place for my opinions on TheWayfaringDreamer, so, if backers want to hear those opinions, be vocal. Let me know! I’d be more than willing to start a Tumblr or Medium blog and share my (often controversial) opinions.

Why Patreon?

In the 18 or so months since I started the site, I’ve interviewed over 30 of the biggest names in gaming, and with your support, can branch out into interviews with the biggest names in TV, film, and music.

While I love the gaming industry and always will, after 18 months, it’s time for me to evolve. It’s time for me to get my name out there as one of the best interviews in the business, regardless of industry. I no longer want to stand as a smaller niche gaming site, I want to stand as the site to go to for interviews. There’s no doubt in my mind that I can achieve this, and Patreon is a large step in the direction of making that a reality.

As an engineering student, currently enrolled in 20 tough credits, time is a commodity that is constantly running out. My interviews are typically between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length. For perspective, a 45-minute long interview takes me about 3 hours to transcribe. Another hour is spent molding that into a long form piece, and a final 30 minutes is spent editing and posting. Clearly, transcription is my most time constraining activity.

Through a site called, I can have my interviews transcribed for me, but at a cost of $1/minute of audio. I conduct about four interviews per month, at an average of 45 minutes, equals $180 per month in transcription fees. Call it $150, as sometimes I do three interviews, and not every interview is 45 minutes in length. If Patreon could help me achieve that, it would save me 9-12 hours per month, and I will spend that time making the site better.

As a small site, growth has been hard to come by, but is quite important. With a little bit of income through Patreon, I could invest in getting a theme better suited to SEO, and to taking out search ads through Google in an attempt to get more visitors, and turn them into loyal followers.

Additionally, video content seems to be the thing these days, and perhaps Patreon can help me get a camera, microphone, and proper editing software to start delivering video content. I don’t know what that content would be, but one step at a time.

Lastly, I would love to attend conferences, such as E3, PSX, PAX, and Comic Con, but do not have the funds to do so. With Patreon, backers can really make a statement by getting me up to that $500 mark to afford travel to a few events per year, where I will do my best to deliver unique, cutting edge content.

Note, I will use every Patreon penny towards my website, barring if I get up to about $2000/month. At that rate, I would start using some of the money to put into a savings fund, which will help pay for college, housing, and you know, living necessities. These are things necessary for me to deliver content through TheWayfaringDreamer – and are things that are currently provided to me. However, a financial cushion would be fantastic, and if the backers come en masse, it may be a possibility.

What you need to know

There will NEVER be any ads on TheWayfaringDreamer, and none of my content will be Patreon exclusive. I believe in inclusivity, and I want you to support be because you want to support me. However, if you consider support me on Patreon, please first consider donating your money to better causes, such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital ( or to

Ok, now that you’ve hopefully donated (or thought about it) to one of those organizations, back to TheWayfaringDreamer:

If you’ve not the means to financially support me, there are plenty of other ways it can be done! Share my content on social media. Tell family and friends. Spread the word. Reach out to people you’d like to see interviews with and tell them to chat with me. Interact with me. Tell me what you’d like me to stop doing. Tell me what you’d like to see more of. Make donations to St. Jude in my name.

In addition to Patreon being a financial source for TheWayfaringDreamer, I want it to be a place people can come and talk to me. If you can’t/don’t want to back at $1, but still want that email address I promised, hit me up through here or on twitter and its yours. I want to talk to you. I want to go back and forth with you about what to do with the site.

You also need to know that it will only ever be me writing for the site. Have I had a little help from my friends? Of course! I’ve had help setting up the site, designing the logo, figuring out a direction for the site, and editing my pieces. But the only writer the site will ever have is me. Also note that I do not plan to make my living through my site. I do not want to do this full time. I’m in school to be an engineer, and that’s what I plan to be. If that means working at a company 40 hours a week and then coming home and working for my site 40 hours a week, so be it.

Finally, please be aware that if an interview leads to an open door to, say, act in a show or film, or record a song with a talented musician, or collaborate with a developer on a game, or voice act on a game, I will take that door. I’m not bound by any “journalistic ethics” to maintain professional-only relationships with the people I interview. If I become friends with someone I’ve interviewed, then I’m friends with them. I will neither sacrifice my friendship with that person nor my affiliation with TheWayfaringDreamer because of some invisible, unwritten code.

You Done Yet?

Now that I’ve rambled for 1500 words, yes, I am done. Please consider supporting me, and whether or not you actually do, thank you. You’re all awesome!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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