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You are taking the first steps to help us grow. Running LAN events takes a lot of money and any little bit helps! There is not a lot $1 gets you these days but while the economy is tight we appreciate you letting us have that $1. We appreciate you!

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  • Access to monthly Google Hangout chat where we can talk about just about everything 1 - 3 hours. Invites will go out through Patreon.

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  • We will hook you up with a WH mouse pad at our next event. 

Event Perks

  • Reserved seating at events.
  • Able to cut the line at events.
  • 50% Discount to any ticketed WH event. 

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Immediate Rewards: 

We will list you as a supporter on our website.

Venue Perks:

  • Half off  gaming at the Warehouse at our gaming computers, consoles, and social gaming area.

3 Month Loyalty:

  • We will hook you up with a Warehouse T-Shirt at our next event.  

Event Perks:

  • Free entry into every WH event.
  • Half off rental for gaming computers at LAN events. 
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About Tristan Bellotti

Warehouse 49 is destined to be a gaming bar and E-Sports center where gamers, nerds, and geeks alike can feel safe and have a place designed specifically for them to express themselves. Building upon the roots of arcades and gaming cafes we will be taking the gaming center to the next level by not only having a place to play games (of all types) but also by serving great food and drinks. For those of you who are under 21, don't worry we have plans to include you as well.

We want to thank you all for supporting us while we find our way through the crowds of people who still think gamers are a bunch of nerds who are antisocial and live in their parents basement. Never have we ever felt like we were back in high school. But the times are changing and we are starting to open people's eyes to what gaming actually is; a social and often team based activity filled with supportive friends.

The longer we are on this journey the stronger we can feel that we have been needed by our community. The Alaska gaming community has been craving a better, more professional gaming scene and we have put all our efforts into providing for that growing niche.

Not only have we been working with the gaming community but we have helped many local organizations in the process by benefiting them with our events. For example, we worked with the Blood Bank of Alaska for our event, LifeLan, by making the entry fee a donation of blood. We also hosted a Nerdy Speed Dating event where the entry fee was donated to Abused Women's Aid in Crisis.

We look forward to continuing to help grow and strengthen the Alaska gaming community as well help the local organizations who benefit Alaska as best we can.

Why Patreon?
Patreon allows people of any financial background to be able to support Warehouse 49 in a way they feel comfortable with. Patreon has a reputable history as a trusted platform and thus we trust it with our subscription model.

Our next step!
We have taken the next step from hosting LAN events and opened our first pop-up location. With the help of the community and Patreon we are ready to settle down, as much as a pop-up locations will allow, and begin the next chapters for Warehouse 49. If we can do well we will continue to open pop-up locations until we find a permanent place to set up.

What are we funding?
You are helping us host great LAN parties and events including our pop-up venue. The bar will cost nearly 1 million dollars, so that will have to take investors and other sources of funding, while we work on that we still want to promote gaming in the community. All money raised will go to making the gaming here in Alaska better, from supporting our pop-up venue to helping with the costs of hosting LANs. With enough support we can look at finding a more permanent space to setup the gaming center and host some really awesome events. Your help also means we can host more charity events in support of awesome local organizations.

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Patreon Invite-only 12 hour LAN party celebration.

After reaching this milestone we will host an invite only Patreon celebration to thank you for your continued support. We will provide some pizza, soda, and some snacks to all.
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