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About W.Spectre

I'm an Irish writer aspiring to one day publish my own book.
I use fanfiction and art to show everybody what they're in for, and if you like it, be sure to stick around.
I won't say I'm a pro, far from it probably, but I like to write, I like to discuss theories and ideas and draw. I'm a fan of fantasy, sci fi and everything in between. I hope to draw inspiration from things like these to make the worlds I create even better.

If any of that interests you right now, take a look at what I do and if you want to help me along, I welcome you to donate.

Thanks for reading this little message and if you have anything you'd like to ay, any questions or just conversation feel free to message me.

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Even thinking about earning something like that with all of your help makes me nervous, but every penny will go back into improving both my writing and drawing in any way possible.
So, If I reach this, anyone who donated will get a first draft of both the prologue and first chapter of my book.
Here's to getting there!!!
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