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WZWOW Animations Artworks Games VR
Hi! This is WZWOW. I am freelance 3d artist. Lets put this simple... I like working on animation and I love art. I want to have fun with animation production, away from commercial projects!

So why I started Patreon?
I believe Patreon is a good platform to share my animations and artworks. Just like any Patreon members, I need your support, for the food, for the bills, I want to create more wonderful work and share it with my supporter.  

What do you get for supporting?
By supporting me in my Patreon project. I will share with you all the 3d assets created, 3d character models, environment assets, effects, textures, and animation. Basically anything assets created from the production. You will also get to see the whole animation production from start to finish, and ultimately the final animation or artwork produced.

The project
I would like to challenge myself technically and aesthetically by producing remake animation of several Hayao Miyazaki's works or anime in 3d. The final production output to be in short form animation, clips, still image artworks, or even in VR!

My Artstation link

If you like my artwork and animation, do support me!
$0 of $500 per month
Starting with Fanarts.
Doing remakes of anime to 3d animation or artwork. 
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