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"We all Want to be successful, yet we can't define it as it is all left with the DEATH to decide".

In the days to come for all of us there is a serious test destined, we have a golden chance to overcome the Falsehood and be real successful. I am among the Truth seekers and the one who wants to be the informer of the REALITY around us. We have better chance than before, yet we are being deceived. So this is a channel you will find the way one/you can overcome the Deception and we all will be Successful (If we are committed to the Way).
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I will start the community base for the Helping people on Sustainability and be free of the dependency on the Governments be it Organic Food, Power(Electricity/Fuel), Education and Money. This community will be financially free of the Interest/Usury. We must come out of this Slavery to really undestand our Purpose of Life.
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