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You are probably broke like me, so I truly appreciate your support.

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You are probably broke like me, so I truly appreciate your support.

You will get access to any members only content I might make. 

I'm cheap!

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You will get access to any members only content I might make. 

I'm cheap!

This tier grants you the ability to commission your own ideas for designs/memes for me to make and sell on products. (shirts, stickers, mugs, etc) I will design it on a livestream, so you can watch the process. You can then buy the products or negotiate a license if you want to print your own. I reserve the rights to the final artwork and the right to reject or modify your concept if need be, but I will work with you in such a case to find a compromise.




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My name is Evan Skallerud, but you can also call me
I am a 30-something year-old Graphic Designer, Artist, and general Space Wizard from the Pacific Northwest, Currently residing in Florida. (much to my dismay)

I'm a self taught artist, designer, and entrepreneur with over ten years of graphic design and digital art experience. I'm fully capable in photoshop raster design and illustrator vector design. I can design business cards, logos, brochures, and more. I can do photo manipulations and create stunning space art with photoshop. I also offer social marketing and social media management services: Social Profile creation and maintenance, Content curation and creation, Video or podcast editing, Post scheduling, Ad creation, User engagement and message monitoring, Branding, Vehicle wrap design, and more.

Along with my design work, I also have a passion for citizen journalism and promoting social change through independent media and sharing of knowledge. My social media is an endless stream of news, politics, and futurism. I believe a better, and more beautiful, world is possible - but you won't hear about how in the corporate media. Only if the people become their own media, will the change happen.

I have struggled to make a living from my art and design work, and I have also been unsure as to how I could incorporate my progressive values into my media business. But I think I finally figured it out. my plan with this Patreon is to use my design skills, and my creative resourcefulness, to help other independent media creators and progressives with their projects and causes. I want to help candidates, nonprofits, and journalists get logos, websites, and branding.

In addition to graphics like logos, memes, and shirt designs, I will post tutorials and other information that is helpful to people in indy media, small business, and progressive movements. I have already done a few creative livestreams of my design work, and I plan to make some tutorial videos on topics like, how to make a simple logo for yourself, or how to create a free website for your political/activist project, etc. I figure, if I have to learn all this stuff for myself, I might as well share what I learn with people on similar paths.

I am generally against paywalls and I believe in open source and free sharing of information that can help make the world a better place, so I won't be creating much in the way of premium content, preferring to offer special access to services, commissions, and consulting as rewards instead. I'm also a strong supporter of universal basic income for all, and its potential to boost humanity's creativity. I hope to be able to build myself a small basic income so that I can focus more on work that aligns with my mission, and so I can continue to give back to the people who are fighting to make a positive difference in the world. Getting new clients is also a plus. ;)
Visit WallHaxx.com for more links to my various profiles.

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