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About Riki Takaoka

My name is Riki Takaoka, I am a freelance illustrator based out of Colorado. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a animator.
So I started drawing obsessively.  As the grew older I kept the dream alive practicing my art through thick and thin.  

Just recently I discovered live streaming, and fell in love with it..

I created a Channel on twitchTV.
I was so amazed by the creative community and have so many awesome ideas to share concerning my artwork.

Currently I work a partime job, and do freelance illustration on the side. I've worked on many projects ranging from : Band Posters/T-shirt Design, Pop-up Illustrations for Magazines (including comics), Storybook Illustration, Courtroom Sketching, and so on.
My main goal is to become a fulltime streamer, and inspire people.
You're support will help me, create content frequently, for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you :)
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