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Greetings! I am The Wandering Physicist. Despite the name, I try to keep the science content light on this channel. I mostly create videos about my life and goings on around where I live. I also try to produce reviews of places, products, and media when I have time. I have many other ideas for additional content, for cooking videos to science discussions, but I currently do not have the means to adequately produce such videos. With your help, those ideas can become reality. Whether it is checking out events around Sacramento or discussing movies and TV shows, I do my best to present open and honest opinions.

Support on Patreon will be redirected back into my channel in the following ways:
  1. Investing in a new camera and other production hardware
  2. Software licensing expenses and additional computer hardware and software investments
  3. Fuel and maintenance for my car (the #1 reason why I don't roam too far from home... yet) and other travel related expenses
  4. Other unforseen expenses
  5. After all of the above, the extra support will go towards living expenses

Thank for you supporting this nonsense, and I hope to see you in my wanderings.
$69 of $200 per month
At $200 per month, I'll do monthly science Q&A videos with patron submitted questions.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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