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Donate one dollar to the cause. Once I achieve my goal, I will make all of this content available to everyone who contributed. Only you have the power to make this happen. 

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Access to watch exclusive video content here on Patreon.

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Access to watch all the exclusive video content that will only be viewable as a Patreon supporter.  




What up Peeps. Thanks for becoming a part of the next stage in my video creation experience. The viewers will and have always been a huge part of why I continue to make the content that I do, so keep up the good work by watching, commenting, liking, & sharing my videos. This kind of support goes a long way in the future success of other projects that are currently under construction. 

As a Patreon supporter you'll have exclusive access to all the content that will not be available to watch via my normal uploads and will not be shared anywhere else but right here. As you know, I like to give back to the people who support me and what I do, so welcome to all those who will reap these benefits.

I in return will get to know my viewers and supporters better, which in my opinion is a win/win for everybody. I will also be providing new content throughout the year as a heartfelt thank you for all the continued support which will only be available to you here by way of my private website that's dedicated to motorcycle racing videos. 

I hope to make new friends and keep in touch with the ones I already have because that's what it's all about, sharing and caring. Feel free to drop in anytime to see what's new or to give your feedback on what's currently going on, it's much appreciated.

Viva La Fox !!! =)

This content is only for viewers/supporters who donate to the cause via Patreon. Although youtube is a great site, it oppresses creativity with what you're allowed to show through demonetization, censorship, and blocking videos and doesn't do enough to protect it's content creators from being attacked by false claims, video take-down notices, and copyright strikes.

So this is inherently the next step in allowing what I want to show to be seen by the people I want to see it. Thank you for your support. 

Side note: When you donate here you'll get exclusive access to anything that is posted privately here on this page as well as prime access to everything that will be posted on my private site. 

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The more supporters I gain, the more exclusive content you'll get to watch which in turn makes it easier to provide said content. So you, me, and everyone else that joins will reap all the benefits of my success. People fail to realize that if everyone gives a little it adds up to a lot. 
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