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WarZone Flashpoint is a PC strategy game that aims to fill a gap left by Command & Conquer and other current day Real Time Strategy (RTS) titles. Ultimately, we will focus on a multiplayer and competitive atmosphere. Many kinds of armies, strategies, and units will be at your disposal as you try to achieve victory.

Currently we are working on the US Armored Division army. This army has heavily armored tanks and other units that can chew through enemy lines. Other factions include the Russian Nuclear Brigade with their taboo but powerful nuclear powered weaponry, the German Blitz forces who utilize a potent combination of firepower and speed, and the Black Hand who have powerful deception and hit & run style tactics.

The first game mode we're working on is called Onslaught. In this hold-out style mode,

It's time to bring RTS back into the spotlight!

Oh, and a really special thanks to EA for C&C Rivals.
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