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•Access to any WIP videos I feel like sharing, and get the finalized version of the video a day or two before public release. I will also feature your Patreon username at the end of each 30 second or longer video that I create.




per Videos Around 30 Seconds Or More


Why make a Patreon?
As everyone knows, college can be very expensive. And going to college means sacrificing a lot of time and energy to peruse what you're passionate about. So I made this a while back to kinda help out with that a little bit. I'm currently paying for my own tuition to go to this school, Which is around $5,000 a semester, and it can be quite tolling on my credit card. I do have a job that pays well and covers a majority of the funds, but even that can take quite some time to rack up enough money to pay off my tuition. So all that having been said, all that would matter to me would just be a small donation. Any contribution would be appreciated, cause that would be an amount I wouldn't need to worry about paying anymore. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who wishes to help out :)

What will I will be making?
Do you like colorful overly expressive 3D equines???
Then that is what you shall receive :)

Why do I make animations?
Honestly, it's just awesome to create something that people can enjoy. Whether to get a good laugh, or to be very serious. Animating is just a very exciting hobby of mine that I like to spend my time working on. With every new video I make, I hope to learn something new from making it and to become better in my skills as an animator. Currently, I have graduated from my old community college at GCC with an associates degree in Digital Art, and very soon to be, a major in Graphic Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The skills I learn in my animations will most certainly better my career as a graphic designer by learning how to incorporate certain visual elements into the videos I produce to make it more appealing to viewers. 

When will said animations be released?
Do note that animating is not an overnight thing... With videos I put A lot of time and effort into, those will take a while. Although they may take a bit to animate, I can promise that they will be well worth it when finished. 

I also make short animations that will NOT be counted towards Patreon. Those videos are just for fun and enjoyment. Only SFM videos that are around 30 seconds or longer will be used. (minus any timelapses, tutorials, or recorded content) 

Any contribution is appreciated! Just to know that you're helping me out puts a big smile on my face :) I look forward to creating more content for you all to enjoy!
$1 of $100 per Videos Around 30 Seconds Or More
This goal is a very small fraction of what I actually need to afford the college I'm going to. My personal goal for myself is to minimize the amount of student loans I will have as much as possible when attending this school. College is expensive as we all know, but if you help contribute towards my cause, it will make things just a little bit easier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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