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About Warlocked

Ok, what the hex is this all about?

Welcome to WARLOCKED and thank you for taking the time to read this. Are you ready for some fun, magical, old-school television?  (The video above features some scenes from the proposed series)!

WARLOCKED is a brand new sitcom fantasy series inspired by the magical television classics Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, My Favorite Martian and so on, revolving around two warlock brothers -- one who's gay and has a mortal partner who ironically disapproves of anything 'strange or abnormal', and one who's an eternal party boy and wannabe comedian --  both dealing with their eccentric 700-year-old mother whose powers are fading as she keeps escaping “witch’s nursing home” to cause havoc in the mortal world.

Now here’s the thing. The main cast of WARLOCKED is comprised of real family members. Yes. My family. And the characters we all portray aren’t that far from the real family dynamics. Hey, it happened with that old classic The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet -- a scripted family situation comedy starring a real family.  

WARLOCKED actually began as a project I hatched to get my mom involved in something because, after six knee surgeries and subsequent medical issues over a five year period, she was unable to walk and in a deep depression.  Given that I've been making films since I was a little kid, and got into the business as a writer, doing something like this only seemed natural. (!)  So I wrote a few scenes and would visit on the weekends to get her doing something. After we wrapped that first day of shooting (with my brother and I helping do her makeup, and getting her up out of a wheelchair so she could stand), she turned to us and said “thank you for giving me a reason to live again.” We just looked at each other, touched... and then realized she was probably playing us to get more screen time. 

But that’s not the only inspiration behind the show. WARLOCKED is a passion project for me, a style of television I loved as a kid watching them in re-runs. I’ve grown tired of a lot of the crap I’ve seen on television and wanted to do a live-action series with the same sensibilities that I grew up with — something fun and sweet and magical and light and, yes, even a bit corny. And — I’m ok with that. 

I'm not a stranger to TV. I started my career writing animation in the late 90s, then freelanced on many children’s shows. But truth be told I've been filming my family ever since I could hold a camera. 


The Warlocked Series.  Episodes, man!  We’ve made some concept videos and mini-episodes thus far, but your financial contribution will help the team take things to a whole new level. Things like:

Scripts and stuff. Yeah, these are scripted, 22-minute episodes.
A shooting space. We want to build out some standing sets.
More Equipment. This means lighting and sound equipment for further enhancement.
Original Score. We want to produce an original score for the series, as well as all new sound effects for all the magical shenanigans!
Salaries. This helps ensure we’ve got the resources to keep everyone on board the project as we make magic.
Weekly episodes (the goal). The more we raise from you, the more episodes we can create… with a goal to make 13 episodes a season just like the big boys.
Guest stars. We also want to bring in a few “name" guest stars for some of the episodes.

We are aiming to do a first season of 13 episodes. And we can’t do this without you… honestly. We’re looking at you to help produce episodes, depending on how much budget we raise.  Becoming a Patreon means making a monthly contribution towards the series. When you support WARLOCKED you’re helping us make some old-school television that we, in turn, hope makes you smile, laugh, and maybe even inspires.

If you like the sound of that, please show your support with a monthly pledge and know that you are zapping into something exciting, passionate, and magical!

Thank you so much!

— Stewart, Willie, Janice, Jimmy, Todd, Michael, Emilia, Johnnie — the Cast and Crew of Warlocked.
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When we reach $2500, we'll release a special "Thank You" music video RAP SONG featuring (non-rap singer) Wille (the party boy Warlock) mentioning ALL of our awesome supporters by name.
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