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About WarriorX

Hello, my name is Vinny and i'm a young aspiring content creator on YouTube. Ever since i was a young child i wanted to be just like my heroes, two small YouTubers by the names of Tyan and Kevkand. Now i didn't wanna be like them because they were famous or rich, because they wern't. They were two humble fellows at just about 2k subs when i found them, enjoying their days playing games that made not just themselves happy, but all those who joined them as well. Their fun and positive personalities pushed me to be a better person and make this world a better place.I knew at that moment i wanted to be a YouTuber. From a young age i constantly tried to get my channel off the ground, but to lack of equipment and experience my channel remained at 0 subscribers. I was shaken, but determined not give up as my heroes wouldn't. A few years passed by and my channel barley gained 10 subs and only peaked 100 views. Though my community was small it was interactive and joyful with many positive messages. Despite my succes at gaining any subs i was tired of putting in so much effort to no avail. Then an idea popped into my head and  knew what to do. I would start fresh. New content, new games, new ideas: a new perspective. I began to put in double effort, taking request for vids, helping out my friends small YouTube channels with shout outs and soon my channel began to grow. Now, almost halfway at 1k subscribers, my determination is unbreakable and im determined to deliver all that joy and happiness that my heroes once did so long ago before i started my journey on becoming a YouTuber.