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As Black as a Diamond
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True Efficiency, on the long term, is at the core of moral behaviour

Thanks from me and my Music 

Our Love
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Information Is duality of being and non being, 

Transcendence is That which is not Information.

Thanks from me and my Music 

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-"As Black as a Diamond" (Recorded - To print)

-"Our Love" (To record - To print)

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Metaphysics can Never be used to foretell the future, 

that is the domain of Ontology.

Moral Behaviour Must stem from the understanding of both.

Ontology without metaphysics is a blind man running.

Metaphysics whithout Ontology is madness and stillness.

Thanks from me and my Music


Physical copies of "As Black as a Diamond" and "Our Love" When they will be released 

-"As Black as a Diamond" (Recorded - To print)

-"Our Love" (To record - To print)

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About WaxWolfOfficial

Waxwolf is a Passion project of Federico Di Cera, guitarist and singer of the modenese band "Folk Metal Jacket",  who is composing and producing music since 2010.

Waxwolf is music made by me for me and for all the other people that Love to listen to something made with Care and that Breaks the common to dwell in Creative effort for Art's sake.

All of Waxwolf music is and will Always be available for Free on youtube, soundcloud and as .Wav if someone asks for it.
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I will be able to print "As Black as a Diamond" in 200 physical copies.
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