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About WaywardSon

I make a range of gaming videos from GTA V to Rainbow Six Siege! I also play some indie games as well. My videos are full of fun and personality and will keep you occupied for minutes! We are not good at a lot of games, but we try our best and the result is usually hilarious! The only problem is that I don't have money for good gear to record or edit. I do my best with what I have and it's great. If you donate I can evolve my channel and do bigger and better things. I have a dream to become an amazing YouTuber and share all the crazy things that happen with me and my friends. Thank you for listening and I hope to hear your feedback!
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My first goal is the get $100 for a new processor. With that I can have a greater quality in recording and editing! My videos are nice now but I want people to enjoy what they are watching and be able to watch it in the highest quality they can! Thank you so much for helping! It also puts food on the table for my loving family!
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