Adam David Rivera

is creating Astrophotography on the American Road
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This amount of money will go to provide some survival needs for me to continue living in the wild.
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This amount of money will go to provide some survival needs for me continue living in the wild. Additional money will go to travel expenses for new photo ops.
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About Adam David Rivera

Over the years of shooting at night, You were there. I stood alone, hours from society, away from city light in the darkness afraid, and still, You, the fans, were there. I do this for you. I need you to see the light I see even when I know you're fast asleep. I trek to the top of mountains as you dream, among my fears and through to show you the dream God has made.

The demands of the norm have always led me astray and so, I am leaving society and decided to live in my car on the end of my life savings while finding excellent Astrophotography opportunities in North America and living frugally in the wild. I have prepared the survival necessities of 3 months. My journey will be one of Creation, Death, Weight-Loss, evaporation of materialism and much more. With your help I can continue shooting another day. Adamant on bringing the world among the best Wide-field Astrophotography. Beyond the photograph, the journey is about opening the mind. It is about releasing ego. Releasing societal standards. The trek of truth presents we know nothing. It is about the appreciation of a higher power and respect among all men. It is the knowing that all man is equal as he heads to the same destination. Consciousness itself must expand if we expect to save us from ourselves. That journey begins right here, floating among Wayward Stars.

Hypergiant Investors:
1)David Rivera
2)Mark Bellofatto
3)Daniel Pantori 
4)Ivis-Aviles Rivera
5)Matthew Chapnick
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As the number of patrons for this journey rises I will have more money redirected to the dream. Starting homeless, my first goal cannot be that exciting, and that's my honest truth.  Thank you all for appreciating my endeavor and the sights I seek to provide. In time we will build this community together.
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