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Any amount helps, so if you give 5 dollars a month not only will you be aiding us in our goal to provide the best content out there, but you will also receive our eternal gratitude. 
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I mean, it's pretty much an executive producer credit, right?
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Is there a topic that you're dying to know about, or maybe just something you think would be funny? Well, 25 dollars a month can buy you the ability to propose those topics! Obviously they need to be SFW (Safe for Work) and within budgetary restraints but between video and podcast your proposal is almost certain to be run!




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About Are We Prepared, Yet?

Are We Prepared, Yet is a new funny podcast and video production group that specializes in emergency preparedness. You can find us at and or follow any of our other links.
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What would we do with 250 dollars? We'll start a great new series on YouTube. 

One that we've been sitting on for awhile is a series called, "Fit for the Apocalypse" which would basically be a way for us to either humiliate ourselves or demonstrate with others how one can be physically prepared for the apocalypse. 
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