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Thank you so much for reading The Weekly Prophet! The most magical publication, filled with real news from the magical world.

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This project was born out of our love for the Magical World, after spending more than a decade writing about wands, potions and spells. This project is our dream, and your support is making it possible.

Download a new digital issue every week, filled with real news about the Harry Potter books, movies, actors, JK Rowling, Fantastic Beasts and much more. Have you always wanted to know how it feels to read a Magical newspaper? Our job is to make it possible.

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Your support is really changing my life and the way I work on this magical project. Thanks to you I'll be able to work in new content, so if we reach 25 patrons I'll create a whole new monthly publication, "The Monthly Cauldron", available every month for free to all $5 patrons and above. This new publication will include many fun and interesting games and sections like "Spell of the Month", "Magical Scramble" and more.
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