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Hey Everybody!, Thank you so much for taking that second, millisecond, to take a looksy at my Patreon!.

My Name is Wesker Vyper, Also go by TAZERFACE, and well the second choice was Scrotum Hat. ANYWAYS. I've been working on Mods for everyone for a while now and bringing them over to the Xbox One. And I know there was a few of you that really have enjoyed the mods I have released for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE. 

All I'm asking is that if you have the funds to spare, making a pledge would really help out big time by allowing me to keep on bring you awesome content for both games. I also understand that you all work extremely hard for you money and I promise you that every penny from the funds you send me will be into good use.

The reason I am making this Patreon is to raise enough money to be able to get a new PC that can easily handle Skyrim SE and Fallout 4. As well as opening the modding work more to be able to get multiple copies of the game if need be, program subscriptions such as Photoshop, and all the hard work and time spent on these mods. Also i'd be able to get the rest of the DLC's for Fallout 4 instead of being stuck with just creating mods for the Base game.

For all of this I promise you all that I know the diffences between Mesh and Textures. and you can always count on something new. I will constantly re-upload previous mods that I have already done. As well as take requests as long as the following apply.
1) It is open perms.
2) I have permissions from the original Mod Author.
If they are not, its simple the mod isn't uploaded.
3)Something always fresh and new.

- Wesker Vyper
1% complete
This Will Help me be able to replace my PC with one that is powerful enough to run both games and has plenty of memory to store files
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