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Along with getting a shout-out on the show,  Co-Creator tier patrons also receive a D&D-style character sheet that they can fill out. Send these in to Jake, and, in some way or other, these characters will make it on the show!  Ever wanted to see Ariana and Bram team up with a powerful, mech-bound gnome? Or a space pirate who is in love with a cosmic unicorn?  The sky's no limit!

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Along with the other perks of being a patron, you will receive a signed paperback copy of Jake Stowell's first novel, The Gauntlet, shipped to your address at no cost.  Likewise, you will receive signed copies of Jake's future books, including the podcast's first story, Not the Hero.  Each full-length story in the podcast will be released as a full book, and you will receive signed copies of these  as they become available, for as long as you remain a Champion tier patron of What Next?!!

About Jake Stowell

You are invited to join Jake and Kelly on an exciting creative journey, as we work together to make compelling stories in a unique way.  All listeners of What Next? are invited to vote on what happens next in the story, but becoming a patron is the best way to support the show.  Of course, we try make it worth your while.  All patrons get a special shout-out on the show when they start to pledge.  Likewise, $1 and $10 tier patrons are invited to create characters that are GUARANTEED TO BE ON THE SHOW!.  Thank you for listening to the show!  $10 patrons, our champions, also get something very special.  I hope you'll consider joining the What Next? team.  I look forward to partnering with you!

-Jake Stowell
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When we reach 100 patrons, I'll create a monthly patron-only episode!  It could be related to the ongoing story, or it might be something completely new!
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