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No idea other than to thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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For your bravery, YOU decide which side of the mouth I chew it on!!
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You just paid for my health insurance, this lets me buy medicine to stay alive. Met four men, glip O' zide, Levo Thigh rocks'n, Listen oh pril.




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Hi, im Shaun and i run the Twitch / YouTube channel whatnoticus. I record and edit everything myself (for now), my goal with my channel is to one day be able to have a positive impact on people like some of the bigger channels had on me, helping me out of very dark thoughts with laughter.

any donations will be used to make or improve content. I hope that one day i can make a living doing this, but for now it's a hobby and a dream.
I hope I made at least one of you smile, I know things can get bad.... they can get real bad, but I'm living proof that there is a light somewhere out there.

I can't thank you enough for taking a look at this page, Thanks for everything... even if it's just sharing this page.

I want to make people smile, the only way I know how is to act like an idiot in front of a camera while I have fun playing games. Maybe I get to talk to some of you, Or maybe just maybe you found me in a game.
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This is the price for my medications, At this point you guys are directly helping me stay alive.
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