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About WhenWolvesCryOut

Welcome to the Sphinx's Library

Welcome. My name is Ryu Takemori, though many know me as simply WhenWolvesCryOut. I am an artist specializing in comics and furry/transformation art. I archive my art in this here library. 

The Library
Works in the Library are free to view, though supporters of the library can get early access and other rewards like adding works of their choice to the archive (Monthly sketches). 

What do I get for supporting the library?

$1/Month: Your donation helps keep the library running and paying the bills. You also gain access to the Patreon-only rooms on the Discord. 

$5/Month: These are the volunteers. They help sort and index the books as they arrive, before they are cataloged for public viewing. They get access to Work-In-Progress pieces, as well as getting to see finished pieces three days early. 

$10/Month: The archivists get to influence the contents of the library by directly choosing a piece to add each month. Archivists get a sketch each month. 

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Personalized Library Card: Upon reaching a lifetime support of $15 in any tier, You will receive a one-time reward of a library card to show your support, with a custom headshot. You will also be given a full size copy of the headshot.

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$57 of $100 per month
At this point, I will start streaming weekly on a set schedule. At least once a month will be a sketch-request stream. 
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