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About Malt

Hello, fellow whisky geeks.

We're Mark and Jason at Malt - one of the world's most popular whisky review websites. At the time of writing, we get up to 50,000 unique visitors a month. We've been running for a good few years now, but now we've added some talented new contributors - Adam, Alexandra, Justine, Noortje, Phil and Taylor to name a few - we've created a monster. So we need your help!

For some strange reason, whisky fans seem to like what we do. We're brutally honest about whisky, and we like to think we offer something different: entertainment, insight, and – most importantly - that we challenge the whisky industry, rather than act as a mouthpiece for it. It means we challenge short-cuts in production, we call out bad casks, and we do what we can to highlight genuine value for money. Because in the modern era of whisky, there is some fantastic stuff being sold – but there's some absolute ditchwater being sold too. Who else is going to call it out?

Some of the big whisky websites are funded by corporate groups. Others do paid-for content with brands. (We've all seen this at its worst on Instagram, where brands give influencers bottles for photographs without transparency or disclosure.)

We don't want to sell advertising. We don't want to partner with brands. We don't want to sell out.

Where we can, we go to festivals and buy whisky from our own pockets - which keeps us independent. We want to keep our independence, but we have to pay for things like hosting, and it'd be great to help fund the team of writers order to retain our independence and transparency. 

That leaves only one choice: to partner with our readership. That's you.

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