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With this you have my undying gratitude, and the knowledge that you are helping out your favorite witch as she creates more content for you to listen to! The undying gratitude of a witch is no small thing.... 

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About Jennifer Scott

Greetings my fellow lovers of all things dark and bewitching! This page supports my podcast " Whispers of a Witch" where I narrate various poems and short stories of the dark and witchy sort. There will be monsters, and vampires, ghosts and ghouls to be sure, all the things that go bump in the night !! This weekly podcast provides something of a different sort to listen to and enjoy - a dark escape if you will. As a voice over actress that loves all things spooky this podcast is a chance to combine my favorite things! Supporting this page will allow me to create weekly podcasts, along with my witchy voice over atmosphere downloadables. As a patron you will gain access to early releases, additional recordings, and my Patreon only feed " Ramblings of a Witch" where I discuss and review dark and Witchy things such as movies, tv shows, or other dark and spooky related topics. So if you are a haunter, a halloween enthusiast, a horror fan, or someone who just loves a good scary bed time story, join me on this wicked journey!
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When I reach $500 a month I will also create a  Witchy Radio Drama featuring additional actors and actresses as we bring to life horror radio shows in the styles made popular in the 30's and 40's!
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