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With this tier you get a special role in discord, access to the Patreon-only chat & 12-24 hour early access to new YouTube videos before they go public! 

Along with screenshots of upcoming projects

  • Screenshots of my Adobe Projects (montage / avs)
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 With this tier you get all the previous rewards + access to the Patreon-events channel in the discord, where we game nights!

Along with Patreon name in video as a thank you for your support!

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 You get all the previous rewards + access to exclusive stuff, such as raw footage that didn't make the cut. Along with previews of upcoming project before they are finished!

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About WhiteDragonGamr

My name is WhiteDragonGamr. I'm also go by my real life name; Sasha, and I'm a content creator on YouTube. I mostly create videos on gaming and I sometimes do art!

You can find links to my social media pages below!

I originally started youtube on my original account back; June 25 2007. But I have abandoned that account and started a new one and rebranded entirely. Now I create competitive videos of Overwatch but do montages and other fun games on the side! On my current channel since January 13, 2017 (channel created September 2016) and been dedicated to the channel. I have been having fun with both playing games and recording.

Patreon is a website that allows people to pledge support to creators via subscription. This allows me to continue making videos full-time! There's different levels of tiers & each tier has rewards offered to those who support. I'm still currently in the process of coming up with more ideas i can do for rewards, but for now you can see what's available under the descriptions for each tier! 

Note: I'll never ask for donations or any kind of monetary support, but because this is now what I do for a living i will always greatly appreciate whatever you can afford to give! Please keep in mind, I know some people can't afford to donate & that's perfectly fine! Your support through watching my videos is more than enough for me & I'll pretty much love all of you regardless!
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All the support would mean a lot and with this money it will continue to help fund my subscription to Adobe and helps with housing bills!
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