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We've been at this podcast business for a long time now with over 250 episodes under our belt with our original name of 2 Champs and a Chump (2C1C). With the game we talk about relaunched with a new edition, it was time to do so as well. So here we are stepping up our game with a new name (White Book Podcast), a new website, and plans to make things as awesome as we can.

We want to thank you, the community and listeners for being there for us through years thick and thin and enjoying this amazing game. As we frequently mention, the community is by far the best part of playing this game. Thank YOU!

That said, hosting the site ourselves and planning out some of these new features is money out of pocket. We'd love to keep adding more to the site as well as put money toward some sweet ideas we have for community projects and specialty prize support.

Can you help us make sure this happens?

We would like to stress that we're not intending to make this "pay to play" so to speak. All of our normal weekly episodes will remain free to listen to. While we may offer some remastered episodes, Easter Egg supercuts, or the like here for patrons, our normal content will remain the same.
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