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Progressive Weather is a new Youtube channel dedicated to analyzing the ways climate change and weather impact politics, economics, and current events through a politically progressive lens.  Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity in the 21st century and each week I will analyze and detail the most recent and pressing events related to weather and climate throughout the world. 
Into the Vertigo, Book 1
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Into the Vertigo is romance, science fiction, and war drama centered around lead female characters inspired by the decade of the 1940s. Each book in the series tells of the lead female characters story as they seek to survive the repressive and patriarchal Lunaboras Empire and its desire for world domination. Each book is written from a POV perspective of the lead female characters that weave together throughout the series. Available Winter 2019. 

Winter 2019 

Book 1: Into the Vertigo (Winter 2019)


Book 2: Above the Vertigo (coming soon)

Book 3: Before the Vertigo (coming soon)

Book 4: Beneath the Vertigo (coming soon)


Book 5: Within the Vertigo 

Book 6: After the Vertigo 

I am setting the price of my first book series, Into the Vertigo, at $1 for the first book. Books will be readable as an e-book PDF file. Donations above $1 are greatly appreciated. Books 2-6 will be released 2019-2021 respectively.




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