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Officially WDR sanctioned Greg.
Yep no longer are you just an ordinary run of the mill Greg now you're an official one. You'll even be assigned a Greg serial number. And be immortalized on the Who Dares Rolls wall of official Greg's on the site.
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Who Dares Rolls - Prospect
No longer will you be numbered among the masses now you'll be a full prospect, almost one of the gang. You my be called upon to make tea for Mike. Not only that but you'll be privy to the guts of the podcast,  take a peek at the notes for each new episode, and be able to give suggestions for news topics or other titbits you want us to cover.
You'll also be included in surprise surveys that will be used to wrestle into shape new content and features.

But there's more we're also create Three Google Hangout Sessions a year and you'll be invited to join in, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and challenge the team and much other ballyhoo. And as a special treat you'll be sent an official Greg certificate of authnticity.
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Hey now Greg's, unbelievably we've been producing the podcast and website content for over five years, literally saturating it with our blood, sweat and tears... we put a lot into it. We want to continue to grow with our audience, here's the rub, it ain't cheap.
So far the site hosting, equipment, mics, cables, computers and all the other technical doodads needed to keep a top flight production such as ourselves running has come out of our pockets. With your help we'd like to take the next step, we'd love to do more shows, video reviews and get to more conventions, maybe even create some cool swag.
Patreon is a way to not only keep producing the content we put out but even to improve it (OK we could probably busk with a broken harmonica and cover funds to improve our content but you get the idea) we could invest in better equipment and even cover Mike's tea budget.

Yonder are just some of the milestones we'd love to achieve and with your support we could do this, we're not looking to change the world but we'd like to do whatever it is that we do, do? better. And maybe, just maybe, be able to create some of the crazy cool content that we really want to produce.
So the time for remaining as just one of the nameless Gregg masses has passed, step forward into the light let yourself be known... Oh and if you could throw us a dime or two that would be really, really great.
$5.95 of $12 per month
Yep we'll knuckle down and produce twelve whole shows, that's right one a month. This feat will only be possible with your dedication and the budget to supply the volumes of tea required to keep Mike vertical and not so stabby.It's no joke he's soo stroppy, he puts on this front, the happy go lucky game loving geek, but really he's a monster.Yes we're aware of the machiavellian nature of this goal, but we're simple creatures
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