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Some say that the melody and words of a song is becoming less important today. TRAIN ROYALE do not agree, well it don´t appliy to the music that we make. If one wanted to compare our music with landscape painting, then intuitively we would say that we holding onto melody possibly belongs in the nineteenth century. And that´s a good thing!

We quite simply like good melodies. We are inspired by the earlier heroes, particularly ELO, Queen, Bowie and Beatles. This spirit, this special zeitgeist that these artists created, still fascinates us! We´re talking about free thinking, the search for new, free forms. We´re talking about how these artists understood to search for chaos and to use it in a positive sense for their own ends. That´s what TRAIN ROYALE is all about.

Most people perceive chaos as something threatening. We, on the other hand, find it wonderful when new forms of expression become apparent to us during our attempts to give structure to chaos.

So without further due, we are TRAIN ROYALE and we would love it if you liked what we do!
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To record a full lenght rock album and release some kick ass music videos.
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