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is creating weekly episodes of the Wholly Bible Podcast and a speaking tour.
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About Chris Pacholczak

A Christian voice crying in the postmodern wilderness.

For all of our connectivity, there are relatively few encouraging voices reaching us through our smartphones and social media newsfeeds. And even fewer Christian ones. Chaos, tension and arrogance are commonplace while the wisdom and meekness of Christ have been pushed to the margins by the hustle and bustle of fast-moving political controversy and the easy-to-consume spiritual junk food of clickbait hot takes being fed to us by the algorithm that knows how to take us on a rollercoaster ride of polarizing emotional responses. While few recognize it, I believe the Good News declared by Jesus and the original Christians is just as relevant today as any other time in history. But we need voices that show us how in the midst of all the confusion.

My heart resonates with the words of prominent New Testament scholar N.T. Wright:

“We live at a time of cultural crisis. At the moment I don’t hear too many people pointing a way forward out of the postmodern morass. Some people are still trying to put up the shutters and live in a pre-modern world. Many are clinging to modernism for all they can. Many are deciding that living off the pickings of the garbage-heap of postmodernity is the best they can do. It isn’t simply that the Bible, and the Christian gospel, offers us a religious option which can outdo other religious options, can fill more effectively the slot labelled ‘religion’ on the cultural and social smorgasbord. It is, rather, that the Bible and the Christian gospel point us, and indeed urge us, to be at the leading edge of the whole culture, articulating in story and music and art and philosophy and education and poetry and politics and theology, and even academic biblical studies, a worldview which will mount the historically rooted Christian challenge to both modernity and postmodernity, leading the way into the post-postmodern world with joy, humour and gentleness, with good judgement and true wisdom.”

"We need wise Christian voices at the table, voices neither strident nor fundamentalist, voices both humble and clear; the voices not of those with instant answers but of those with a fresh grasp of God's truth, whose word will carry conviction because it appeals to things which everybody half knows but many try to suppress.”

That’s the kind of voice I want to be. That’s the kind of voice I want to help cultivate in others — no matter their vocation! I’m now doing that through a weekly podcast and developing a speaking tour. Your monthly pledge is necessary to make this a sustainable reality.

The Wholly Bible Podcast

I’ve launched a podcast. It’s kind of like a weekly sermon only it’s not just for one church family. Anybody anywhere can listen to it online via Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music and (in the near future) YouTube. After publishing a handful of pilot episodes I have almost 1000 subscribers. But I haven’t been able to give my full attention to this work.

Your monthly pledge will allow me to focus my energies on producing down-to-earth messages that open up the transformative power of the Good News to potentially thousands of people — real people who — like you and me — are trying to find their way in our chaotic world.

A Speaking Tour

Since moving to Spokane almost four years ago, my speaking engagements have been sporadic to say the least! When I’ve been given the opportunity — seven times (+ five one-man standup comedy shows!) — my messages have been very well received. I don’t mean to brag (Lord have mercy!) but one seasoned leader described my on-stage delivery as “world class” — but… unbeknownst to me, God had a plan to put me and my gifts on the shelf while he focussed on reshaping this earthen vessel through the unforeseen challenges, disappointments and stresses of establishing a new life in the USA. Even though I’d never wish our circumstances on anyone, I’m truly grateful that he didn’t leave me where I was — and that he’s not finished with me yet!

You’re monthly pledge will allow me to focus on developing a message to take on the road and secure opportunities to share it. I already know the gist of the talk. I’ve shared the rough draft/short version with various people individually. The response has been unanimously positive. One young lady said, “In a matter of twenty minutes, you’ve changed my life. Thank you!”

I can’t wait to share this message with you!

Will you pledge your financial support today?

I’m a pastor and teacher by trade. At this time, I am not employed by a church. I am 100% dependant on the monthly support of people who believe in this vision. I am asking you to consider what amount you would like to commit to pledge monthly for a twelve month period. That way, I know what I can count on, focus on my work, and pick up another part-time job if necessary. The goal of $2,500 monthly support is a bare minimum.

To those of you who are thinking, “Unfortunately I can’t afford to give anything,” I say this: No gift is too small. Even the smallest gift tells me you believe in me and the Lord’s work through my life. That means more to me than the amount. Knowing you’re “with me” refreshes my spirit, builds my confidence and, in turn, my message reaches more people. Please trust that.

To those who are not currently tithing to a local church: would you consider directing your tithe or a portion of it to this vision? While a good rule of thumb is to tithe to the local church you are a part of, many of us find ourselves not attending one particular church regularly. While this isn't ideal, sometimes it's a season we find ourselves in. Thank you for considering this option.

If you’d prefer to just give a one-time gift, you can do so directly via debit/credit card through PayPal:
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One more thing: please don’t forget to pray for me. And never hesitate to let me know how I can pray for you. A pastor by trade, I know how to keep confidence! Feel free to call me anytime.

Grace and peace,

Chris Pacholczak

“I rejoiced greatly in the Lord that at last you renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you were concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it.” - Philippians 4:10

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Reaching this monthly goal allows me to focus my energies on publishing weekly episodes of the Wholly Bible Podcast as well as crafting a message for a future speaking tour and securing potential opportunities to share it.
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