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WikiGesis began three years ago when a college student nearing graduation with a degree in religion and a professor with a great idea put their heads together and started working together. Since that time, it has developed into an internationally consulted resource that has mass appeal to many types of Christians. Though small and still within its infancy stages, it has already gained the attention of scholars, professors and students alike. 

Compiled by students, pastors, professors, and scholars, WikiGesis is the only online compendium of biblical scholarship of its kind. It is designed to provide users with an easy to use, digest of biblical studies. It seeks to eventually house a comprehensive biblical commentary that deals with biblical texts, exegesis, hermeneutics, and interpretation. This site provides students, pastors, laypeople, scholars or anyone who is interested with a free resource that they would normally have to pay for elsewhere. The articles provided can range between the simple and easy to read to the technical when dealing with a Greek or Hebrew text. 

In addition to this present commentary, the future of WikiGesis holds other resources that are designed to aid the bible student in his or her study of Biblical Greek, Church History, Philosophy of Religion, Christian Apologetics and others. The creators of the site hope to put resources into the hands of readers everywhere with giveaways, books, blog posts, audio recordings, lessons, lectures, debates, and instructional videos. WikiGesis is home for charitable, healthy, biblical discussion.   

The creators of WikiGesis believe the Bible to be the holy, infallible Word of God and that the texts handled on our site must be treated as such. Therefore, we pledge to only allow quality work that reflects careful thought on the texts and subjects that the work is discussing. Please join us in compiling our database of quality material by supporting our efforts. Either through prayer, contributing a paper you've written, or through monetary means. While this resource is currently in its infancy stages, we cannot progress without the help and contributions of those who believe in what it hopes to provide. 
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