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If you're here, you most likely know about me from YouTube or Twitch, but allow me to reiterate: I'm WilRock, and I create gaming videos, music covers/play-alongs (or "play-overs"), and general content ranging from speed-art, to comedy, to a day in the life of me.  You can expect a variety of videos EVERY WEEKDAY (when I'm not on any sort of hiatus) on my YouTube channel, WilRock Creates!  If you enjoy my content, then I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube/Twitch channels.  If you feel that's not enough, then you've come to the right place.

The financial support I receive from my Rockers - that's YOU - has the potential to influence the content I create, whether it'd be videos (or future cosplays... maybe)! ;)

Any amount pledged to me - or "donated" if you choose to stay for only a month - is GREATLY APPRECIATED, and I hope the rewards I give in return are to your liking and worth it.  If not, feel free to voice your concerns publicly via Discord, or privately via Patreon DMs.  At any rate, I thank you all kindly for your patronage.

Also, keep in mind that anything here is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, however, don't be alarmed because I will inform you before any changes are made.

Before I forget, if you want to pledge more than the available tiers, I will publish/unlock highers tiers by popular demand.  That is, regardless of the patron-cap in a given tier, if at least 25 CURRENT PATRONS show interest in higher tiers, then I will unlock higher tiers over time.

As always... Stay Calm, Be Kind, Rock On! \m/


Be sure to follow @WilRockCreates on Twitter and Instagram for relevant updates and a glimpse into my life!

P.S. - I LOVE ANIME!  I LOVE THE 2D WORLD, especially THE GIRLS!  I mention this because I try my best to incorporate this unrequited love of mine into my content!  For example, in gaming, you can expect me to play the occasional "Gal Gun", or "HuniePop"; as for music, you can ABSOLUTELY expect some covers of my favorite Anime OPs and EDs; and as for art, you can expect the occasional time-lapse of various pieces of some of my favorite anime characters (as well as original characters).

P.P.S. - DO NOT PLEDGE TO ME IF YOU'RE LOW ON MONEY!  Don't make life harder on yourself, just to make mine a wee bit (or a lot) easier.
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If this goal is reached, I will start a podcast in which discuss and gush over anime I'm currently watching, and have seen through my life as an otaku!

(As an aspiring content creator, I use the Adobe Creative programs, which requires a monthly fee.  Hitting this goal will essentially pay for said programs from month-to-month.)
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