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If you don't already know us from our Youtube channel or seminars, we're Bernie and Susan W i l d. We're on the go physically and creatively.  We live and travel in our 40' 5th Wheel RV with our loving companion Barkley (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).

It seems we're always coming up with interesting things that don't make it on our Youtube channel or WildOnTheGo.com, but are still worthy of attention.  Besides, we love creating extra content for our Patreon team.

We're eager to share useful tips, hacks, and information with you in posts and videos here on Patreon. We'll do our best to honor your patronage by sharing our personal content here before it goes anywhere else.

We're excited to form a lasting relationship with you.  We invite you to to join with us as members for exclusive benefits. So, simply choose which reward opportunity (located to the right) best serves you. 

Thank you for connecting with us.

Wildly Yours,

Bernie, Susan, & Barkley

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