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$1 may not seem like much but it adds up and it will help me expand the selection of comics that I review on the channel every month!

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Thank you for checking out the WildeBeardReviews Patreon page!  

Comic books have been a corner stone of my life since the ripe old age of ten.  I collected heavily for about ten years and even worked in a comic book shop for a year after high school.  Sadly I walked away for about another ten years but I found my way back and I couldn't be happier.

I originally started my YouTube channel to do movie and TV reviews but had trouble finding my voice.  After struggling with that for a while, I started to review some of the comics I was buying on a weekly basis and with that, the channel started to grow.... and never really stopped!

I kick off every week with a Monday morning video called "What's on Your Pull List?" where I talk about what comics I'm getting that week and ask you, my viewer, what comics you're getting that week.  Following that, starting on Wednesday night, I review every new comic I got that week cover to cover, page by page and give you my in depth, detailed thoughts on what happened in that issue.

On my channel, I strive to make every video as passionate and positive as I possibly can.  I know comics are art and art is subjective but comics are also meant to be fun and meant to entertain.  Comics are my escape and I want to find a positive experience every time I crack open an issue.  Yes, of course, there are stinkers and duds out there but I find if you look deep, there's something to like in every book.

So how can you help me?  First and foremost, subscribing to the channel and just watching and liking and commenting videos goes a long way. But if you want to do something more and help the channel monetarily then you've come to the right place. Right now, all I ask for is just $1 to help offset the cost of the comics I buy to review on the channel.  It's no secret that comics books are an expensive hobby and a few bucks a month would help me review more books and expand the reach of the channel.

Down the line I may expand the Patreon and add larger levels with more perks but for now, I'd like to keep it simple.

Thank you for you patronage and until next time... we'll see you at the comic shop!
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Help support the channel by allowing me to expand the selection of comics that I review each month!
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