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Romeo and Juliet
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This is huge! You will get electronic files of everything I've written so far: two novels, Anabar's Run and Anabar Rises as well as my short horror stories. This will grow and be worth more each month as I complete more stories, so you really get a lot for just $1. You will also get my monthly posts for my patrons where I will share everything I can about writing better.
Othello and Desdemona
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Along with the $1.00 level rewards, these dedicated readers will also get draft chapters, notes, and excerpts from all the stories I'm working on.
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
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Wow! I can't thank you enough, but I can offer some help. Send me anything you've written up to 300 words long and I will provide a detailed analysis with corrections and suggestions. Added to the previous awards, these devoted readers will receive an original poem I will write each month. I'll start with sonnets and then write more complicated models such as villanelles and terza rimas.




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A young man strives to become a member of an elite band of warriors and then risks all his success and the love of a princess to prevent a war and bring peace. His mentor and trainer, a ruthless, obsessed, bigoted taskmaster, allows hate to turn him against his protégé. A young girl with a special ability to see a golden path, and you really do not want to piss her off. An ancient vampire, tired of the life and death and hunger that drives him on. Zombies fighting as gladiators in the coliseum in Rome. Demons take over everyone’s favorite teacher.

Hi everyone! I’m Will Granger, and these are the characters and ideas readers can find in my novels and short stories. Before I explain where I hope to go with my writing, I want to explain what I plan to provide for my generous patrons.
  • Access to electronic files of all of my stories. I will give this to all of my patrons at every donation level, even $1 per month.
  • Monthly messages with tips, advice, and suggestions to help patrons become better writers.
  • Draft chapters, notes, and story ideas for everything I am working on.
  • Proofreading of patrons’ writing.
  • Skype sessions and Google hangouts
  • Signed copies of my books.
  • Hand-made tokens that I will cut and decorate and initial with wood burning tools.

I'm on Patreon to gain your support so I can write and create during the summers. As a middle school English teacher, I usually have to teach summer school or take some other job, when I really want to write and carve wood, and make automatons, and do woodburning crafts. Your help will give me the freedom to spend my summer creating.

Along with my fiction, I have written for newspapers in the U.S. and Korea and have taught English and writing courses at the university level. I have also taught advanced placement English courses at the high school level and currently teach sixth grade English at a top middle school in Florida.

In short, I know how to help you become a better writer and will use many of my rewards to do just that.

I should also mention what I plan to do thanks to the generosity of my patrons. More than anything, I plan to write more stories. With a bit of your help, I won’t need to teach Summer School, which will give the time to work on my stories. I also plan to have my website professionally produced and hire an artist to create my covers.

I currently have drafts and notes on a third book in my Anabar trilogy about a young hero who seeks peace. I have also started a novel about a lawyer, a killer, and a depressed young girl who are linked in surprising ways. Another story, and one I know will be controversial, is a startling response to abortion. I trust other creative people will respect my right to present this story my way. I also have ideas for short horror stories about a zombie tourism area in Florida, an alien plot to take over the world with our cell phones, and something dark found in a small patch of woods near my house.

Thank you again for visiting my page. I invite you to join me in creating good writing. I can’t wait to get started.

$0 of $250 per month
When I reach $250 per month, I will hire a web page design firm to develop a site and acquire my own web address.  I will still maintain the content and feel I have created on my Anabar Series Blog. Check it out tell me what you think. I'm confident this will help my readers enjoy the books much more as they will get more content than what appears in the books.
Plus, I won't have to teach summer school, so I can focus on giving you more great stories and helping you become better writers.
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