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I am a professional low brass player from near San Francisco, California that specializes in the Bass Trombone. I love all kinds of music and have been fortunate to play with some world class ensembles like the San Francisco Symphony, Detroit Symphony, San Diego Symphony, the Boston Brass, the Funk Brothers, and the ArtHaus Collective at Burning Man. 

In February 2018, while playing with the Malaysian Philharmonic in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to turn one of my favorite musical moments from Mahler's 7th Symphony into a fundamentals exercise by transposing the music into all 12 keys. VOILA...#GetFluent Sequences was born.

I have found the creation of these chromatic sequences to be an incredibly fun and rewarding process for my own practice, and I was delighted to find that many other musicians enjoyed them too. I continued making sequences in 2018, but I had very little structure to my creation and release process. In 2019, I am upping my game, and hope you will join me. 

I will be sharing ONE sequence per week in 2019! 

Sequences will be based on the orchestral music I am performing, theme songs from movies/TV, and some popular hits you might hear on the radio. 

Fluent Friends, Family, and Fellows will get access to EXCLUSIVE resources/videos/sequences/content and rewards.

GetFluent Sequences are for musicians who believe that music practice can be fun. They are for musicians who want to sound great in ALL KEYS and ALL REGISTERS and want to be exposed to a new piece of music each week. If you play my sequences, you will learn to transcend the technical limitations of your instrument and become a more complete musician. I guarantee it. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
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