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Thank You!

A big thank you for helping to support the project - and for bringing everyone closer to the goals!

($1 is around 65p/month)
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'Work in Progress' Animated Gifs and Commentary!

A big thank you for helping to support the project, and for bringing everyone closer to the goals! For $5 or more a month, you get access to my 'private' posts here on Patreon, which feature an animated gif of the design coming together, and commentary on the production of the designs.

($5 is around £3.25/month)
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One Postcard A Month!

A huge thank you for helping to support the project, and for bringing everyone closer to the goals! For $10 or more a month, you get access to the 'commentary' posts here on Patreon, as well as one (1) postcard from that month's batch of images - you'll get to choose which one you receive.

The postcards are approximately 6in x 4in (15cm x 11cm), professionally printed on 350gsm 'silk' card stock.

(This reward level includes shipping within the UK. I'm afraid that overseas Patrons will need to add an additional $4 to your pledge so that I can actually get the item out to you!)

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About Willbrooks

Hello! you've found your way to this Patreon campaign, so chances are high that you've got an interest in either Doctor Who or art. Or possibly both.

In that case, you've come to the right place, because you'll find both of those things here and then some. Every single week, I produce a design based around one of the many Doctor Who stories that make up its 50 year history. And then I post them here for you lot to look at. Actually, if I'm honest, I post these images all over the place - from Tumblr, to Facebook, and Twitter.

So what makes posting them here special? It's the fact that the people who get to see the designs here have helped to create them by pledging to the campaign each month - helping me to free up the time needed to create these designs each week.

You don't have to pledge totally selflessly, though. It's only right that you should get something in return for handing over your hard-earned dosh! Rewards for pledging range from getting to see a weekly gif which shows the latest design coming together (along with a bit of waffling commentary from me, in which I attempt to explain what I was aiming for, and leave it to you to judge how successful or otherwise I've been...), getting the opportunity to vote each month for some of the stories you want to see coming up sooner rather than later, and prints and postcards of the designs delivered to your door each month.

Take a look at the various pledge levels, and if you fancy any (or all!) of these rewards, please do join in with us. Every single dollar pledged helps me to find the time in my work schedule to produce these designs, and I love making them as much as you (hopefully) like seeing them!

(In case you were wondering, hello, my name is Will. I'm a freelance designer based in Cardiff Bay - literally five minutes from the TARDIS set - who spends a lot of his time making Doctor Who nonsense in Photoshop. I've produced covers for Big Finish, products for the Doctor Who Experience, and am currently the resident artist on the photo covers for Titan Comics' various Who ranges.)
$195 of $220 per null
Although most Doctor Who stories stand alone on their own two feet, there's some which form part of a pair, a trilogy, or an even bigger arc. The likes of The Key to Time season, the Black Guardian Trilogy, of the 'x of the Doctor' run from 2013. If we hit $220 a month, then three times a year (once ever four months), I'll do a 'bundle' week, where instead of one new design, there's at least two new prints/postcards which cover these types of stories, and they'll be included with all pledges of $15+ at no extra cost!
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