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About William Anderson

I'm William Anderson, a.k.a. Bill and I've been working in the video game industry for over 35 years, working in-house for such companies as CAPCOM as a Senior Game Designer, NAMCO as Manager of Design and Virgin Games as their Lead Game Designer, just to name a few.

To date, I've been a Lead Gameplay Designer on over 30 Published Games, including CAPCOM's 
Maximo Ghost to Glory, Oddworld's Abe's Oddysee, Daxter for Ready at Dawn Studios and Aladdin, The Jungle Book and Cool Spot for Virgin Games, just to name a few.

But I wanted to get back to the basics of what made games great and away from corporate-driven game development, which so often drives great game design to ruin, so I launched Awaken Games.

Through Awaken Games I'm not only developing many of my own games but I'm also helping new game designers with their own projects, along with helping other Game Developers large and small with many of their projects.

By becoming one of my PATREON's you can help me develop many these new game projects, and along the way I can help you with many of your own games as well.

It's a really exciting time for game developers and players alike, so let's make history together!

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