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One of my past-times is making unique miniatures for tabletop role-playing games. Primarily, my joy is crafting the big baddies and gruesome ghoulies that run the scale of 1:28mm. I've worked as a prop designer for several LARPS, constructed backgrounds and materials for TIFF nominated stop-motion animations and for the past 6 years I've been making monster minis for fantasy tabletop. It's become apparent that I should show my process in making these little figurines -- after all, if I'm producing these improvised on the fortnight, why not share that with all you fine folk? If you sponsor my work, I can afford to keep making and sharing these rad bad dudes!

Not only will I be presenting what latest Fortnight Frights I'm up to, but you can bet that will be peppered in with any related sketches and artwork, as well as other related drawings and designs!  On top of that, getting a sneak peak at my work space and some close-up videos on detail sculpting is in the bag, so you can all see how off the handle and largely improvised the whole process is.

Fortnight Frights might end up being bigger or more elaborate to fit into every two weeks, but updates and documentation will be part of keeping you in touch. 
If you're up for that, I'll see about offering up these miniatures for free in the future, along with personalized artwork for each of these little Fortnight Frights. I'll be relying on you folk to provide requests from time to time for things you want to see made; homebrew and new mashups on old classics alike!

I don't expect that you make massive donations -- after all, you might be living by more frugal means than what I'm in. What I'm making is something I want to share either way, so your support is assuring me that you are supporting yourself first.

If you do want to donate after all that, you'll be helping me along in fun activities such as: 

  • Refilling sculpting supplies!
  • Investment towards a webcam!
  • Enjoying household amenities such as electricity and internet!
  • Generally being alive!
The first is primary, as your support is encouragement and esteem that I can make more of what you see here.
43% complete
A fantastic start! If we reach here, I'll add in progress documentation and commentary for any finished work for the month, and give you a peak at what my process looks like.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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