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is creating intentional jewelry, blogs on crystal healing and knowledge, lgb
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The Basics
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By pledging 2$ or more you will get a inside look of what day to day life consists of for me. I'll share what things I am currently into at the moment when it comes to products, music, shows, cooking, etc. Pictures of my family and fur babies, work space, etc. 
The Balancer
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By pledging 5$ or more you will get inside access to my knowledge of the spiritual world. 

-Getting to know your Chakras and how to align them

-How to use Crystals to help your Chakras

-Crystal Therapy

-Knowledge on different Crystals and how to use them

The Amplifier
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By pledging 10$ or more you will receive a crystal of my choice once a month. It will come cleansed and pure, ready for whatever intentions you may have for it. If you are a part of this group you are welcome to discuss anything with me from crystals, spirituality, lifestyle, LGBTQ+ community, health, and any other similar topics you might want to discuss!




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About Amanda Williams + Williams Tribe.Design

My name is Amanda Williams and I live in Fayeteville, NC.
I am a jewelry maker, fluid artist, and blogger. I love to to be honest and open with everyone and im a huge advocate for people finding love within themselves as well as working with the LGBTQ+ community.

This page allows me to be more in depth with you than what you will find on social media. I will be able to interact with you more up close and personal, and show you what I do behind the scenes.

This is a very tangible way you can help and every little bit counts.

 With your help I will be able to grow my brand and share more and more of what I love and what means most to me. All pledge money goes to the costs of my business. I am currently working on creating a website where I can have everything in one place"
-A blog where I discuss topics from crystal healing, spirituality, LGBTQ+ community, lifestyle, self love and healing, etc.
-Materials needed for creating my intentional crystal healing jewelry
-Materials needed for painting

If you like what you see below please sign up and join a Teir! And have no fear! You can edit or cancel your pledge at any time :)
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