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I make boxing film study on YouTube. I invest a large amount of my time helping others to better understand the sweet science (boxing) by breaking it down in a clear and easy to understand video format. I currently make no money off YouTube (that's simply not why I got into making videos) and do not want to ruin the viewing experience with advertising.

This is why I've turned to Patreon.

I would like to do more than I already do right now. In order to do this I kindly ask for your support. If you like or appreciate my work and would like to see even more boxing film study content on my YouTube channel your kind support would be appreciated.

Additionally, I plan on expanding the content on my channel in the near future. This is going to be more time consuming, so I'm grateful for whatever support I can receive from those who value my work.
$9 of $2,000 per month
More video content on my channel. I will breakdown training footage. I will release more Adjustment Film Study videos. Exclusive content to Patrons. Buy better equipment for my videos.
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