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During the day I am a freelance artist, during the night I create videos for the YouTube.

You may be here because you’ve seen one of my parodies or bizarre let’s play video and they made you laugh or something. There are future projects that include animations and other things (my channel is just one of my creatives outlets). I also do commissions for those interested in my art.

If you support this patreon you are helping me with funding for equipment and paying bills which could lead to making content full time someday. Until that day time and quality is limited with balancing a day job. Higher donations will get exclusive perks, I will think about what those could be in the meantime.

I hope to grow row as an artist of many traits and I’m also looking to explore new mediums to entertain you. I am not the best with social media’s but if you follow my Facebook and Twitter, I will be looking to enteract with fans and even work out commissions deals for you.

UPDATE: Streams of drawing and gaming will be on my Twitch and YouTube every now and then so check those, donators will get shoutouts! Hoping to get a regular schedule of things. Let’s chill!
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Would like to make more and better content full time. For new subs and old. Couldn’t pay the bills but would boost morale.
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