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The Black Craft Saga is a tale of prophecy, billions of years in the making, that goes beyond a simple story. It has its share of heroic acts and its share of villainy. There is love and there is loss. And you have the chance to become part of this story in which the final chapter has yet to be written.

Join us and begin your journey today.


Let’s begin by making it clear that Marissa Bonifay is a witch. Neither a dabbler in the arcane arts, nor a parlor magician, she is a powerful sorceress trained in many aspects of magic. She has no equivalent on the planet on which we live. Born five millennia ago in a distant corner of the cosmos, Marissa has come to live on Earth and while here has protected the development of a prophecy that will shake the entire universe when fulfilled. Before her arrival, the rivers of many worlds would run red with the blood of her victims.

Jon Dottingly is the author Marissa has chosen to help tell this tale of prophecy and redemption. Through various means, Marissa is giving Jon the information needed to put pen to paper in order to make this saga available to the people of this world. When not writing, Jon enjoys photography, smoking his pipe, and taking long walks with his beloved dog (a hyperactive Vizsla named Otis) in the park.

The Wisdom Rising Podcast
In these regularly released episodes, Jon and Marissa will be expounding upon concepts introduced in the installments and presenting new and paradigm shifting ideas. In addition, they will be discussing various aspects of life on Talway Nine (Marissa’s home world). They will also be discussing current events as they occur on Earth and relate them to events that have occurred elsewhere throughout the universe over the course of history. Marissa has lived on Earth for the last 2000 years. As such, she possesses unparalleled insight to the events of Earth’s past. Any historical figure who lived during her time on this planet will be open to discussion.

The Black Craft Saga
Witches have attempted to control inhabited worlds of every type throughout the cosmos for many ages. One such coven “The Sisters”, which Marissa was born and trained into, has surreptitiously controlled the events and development of the people of Talway Nine. They have been striving toward this end since long before Marissa’s birth. The Black Craft Saga recounts the efforts of The Sisters to make Talway Nine their own and how evil intentions can be overcome by the forces of good and the power of the human soul.

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